Customer Part Cross Reference - Mass Update Customer Part Numbers

One of our customers changed all their part SKUs so now we need to modify all of our customer part cross references numbers for that customer. The field is locked down on the Customer Part Cross Reference form so we cannot modify existing records. Is there a way to DMT the old numbers to new numbers or would a SQL Query running against the Erp.CustXPrt table be better? Do we remove all the records and re-create them? What’s the best process to follow here?

If you can, I would think that the best route is to delete the existing and then add the new. This is because if you just add the new, every time you enter a part number it is going to ask which customer part number you want to use. I would do a DMT to delete and then another to add. Attempt it in a non-production environment first.

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I would make an updatable BAQ on that table.
Push it to an updatable dashbaord with a tracker filter on customer ID.
Then you can get all of the values for that customer.
Copy to Excel.
Vlookup old part and replace with new part.
Paste Update back into the updateable dashboard.
No need to delete old record and then create new record.

Remove old, create new.

Thanks for the info. We’ve used a DMT to delete the old entries out and import the new entries.