Customer Shipment Entry Stuck

I have a customer shipment entry that shipped and was invoiced, but for some reason the “Shipped Complete” flag did not get check. Therefore, we also can’t close the sales order. Any ideas on how to free this line up to ship or deleted?

Try with Updatable BAQ or else update through SQL. After that, close the line. In different versions we had similar issue with this not marking as Shipped Complete. We had major issue with BTO orders not closing the lines where I added a BPM to mark it as Shipped Complete.

No luck with the uBAQ. Looks like because it has been invoiced, can’t updated.

Update through SQL for that pack slip line.

You can ask Epicor for a datafix as well, they probably have one for this ready for you.

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Epicor Support has a Data Fix for this sort of thing.
Enter a Support Case.

Why can’t the order be manually closed?

Customer shipment not marking invoiced, ship complete, PO Receipt not marking invoiced, duplicate TranGlc on COS/WIP are the most common data issue.

FWIW - it is very easy to get into the OP’s predicament.

  1. Original order qty is 110.

  2. Customer shipment made for Qty 100. The pack line would NOT be shipped complete.

  3. Packer is invoiced (now no changes allowed to packer)

  4. Cust says to not bother with the other 10. So Order qty is changed to 100. The order line remains open.

  5. Creating a new packer for that order line, yields:

  6. Trying to mark this order as shipped yields:

And here’s a very interesting observation…

Prior to the new packer (step 5 above), the OrderLine was still open.

After getting the zero qty error above, I deleted the packer (the one I tried to make with 0 qty). After deleting it, the OrderLine is now Closed.

Maybe… When I tried to mark the 2nd packer as shipped, the order line gets closed before the zero qty check happens. The original packer still has the Shipped Complete as unchecked.

@ckrusen Shipped Complete flag is the one which triggers closing the SO release/line. Few customers does not accept back orders. So I have BPM to change the flag.
Two days ago, in Customer Shipment Entry, was getting negative qty error message even though there was enough stock. On investigation, found that in one particular pack slip, which was shipped and invoiced but the flag UpdateInventory and ReadyToInvoice was not checked in ShipDtl causing the problem.

Check that Customers settings. I think there are some flags related to shipping complete and invoicing only when shipped complete.