Customers: use of Name, BTName, TradingPartnerName?

We are importing data from an existing system (MAGI) which had two name fields per customer:

  • Name - the “formal name” the customer expects to see on their documents
  • CommonName- what we know them as

CommonName is what we would refer to the custer by and search by. It might include multiple aliases, eg “ACME formerly Wile. E Enterprises” or "ACME / Wile E Ent "

We were planning (“Plan A”) to map:

  • MAGI Name to Epicor’s BTName
  • MAGI CommonName to Epicor’s Name,

…the idea being that invoices etc would have the BTName on them… though shipping docs probably have Name by default (?) and we’ll need to modify these.

An alternative approach (“Plan B”) would be to map:

  • MAGI name to Epicor name,
  • MAGI CommonName to a UD field CommonName_c which we would then need to add customizations on for Customer entry, landing page grids and predictive search.

I know there’s also TradingPartnerName… i thought we might use this for commonName but its only 20 characters (the others are 50). Curious what the intended use for this field is?

Any suggestions, recomendations or dire warnings welcome.

potentially ownership??? (under additional). I am not aware of any functionality around this, certainly could be wrong