Dashboard Run time out and export issue

I know this is really a windows error but just wondering how others got around this. Accounting has this HUGE stock report (I hate it) and they run it wide open so it pulls THOUSANDS of records for the last 6 years. Of course E10 has to give my problems and they don’t understand why it worked on E9 and now issues with E10…SIGH
So first issue…
I can run this report fine in my training environment but in Production is bombs out with error message

I can run the same report in my training Environment fine…no errors

Now the export issue…
The report is so HUGE they can’t export to excel…I always get the System Out of Memory error. They could run it and export it fine in E9 but not E10…

Thoughts anyone.

Hi Kimberley,

A few thoughts…
Is it a report or a dashboard?

If it is a report, would a dashboard work better, or alternately, if it’s a dashboard would a report work better? SSRS or Crystal? (I’d think SSRS much more likely to NOT choke.)
We’ve used external BAQs to hit SQL server view for infrequent occasion where just couldn’t get more complex / large datasets to work with usual BAQ/Dashboard/Reports .
Would the users put up with a year filter and then run it for only a year or few at a time?


It is a Dashboard…

Have you looked at all of your joins and made sure that they had “Company” in them? That can make a big difference. The other thing that you can look at is adding am index to the database. (Although usually I wouldn’t expect epicor to crash, just slow down…) If you run the report and just wait (don’t click anything) does it still crash? Or will it eventually finish?

Here’s a thread where we start talking about adding an index to help a query run faster.