Dashboard to Kinetic Conversion

Has anyone had luck converting a customized dashboard based on a uBAQ with advanced BPM, to Kinetic? I have a handful of forms that are built on UBAQs with advanced BPMs controlling the custom actions. Where do I even begin with this conversion?

I started by opening Dashboard, and pulling up my custom dash. I deployed in application preview mode. I can see the new kinetic dash with my two UBAQs. But, I need to add a custom action, so that after clicking some check boxes in my UBAQs, my advanced BPM knows what to do with the selected parts.

How do I set a button in Kinetic to execute a custom action from the uBAQ? There’s also a lot of C# code in my classic dashboards that is used to help format the data on screen. Where do I add all that?

Thanks you all for your time!