Data Directive Update Table by Query

We have added a required inspection box to the part screen. Now I want to update any PO’s that have that part and set inspection required on the PO.

I’m trying to do that with an In-Transaction Data Directive on PODetail.Update, but am unsure of what to put in the mapping piece.

I have the PODetail and Part table joined on PartNum and company. Then in the part table I’m looking to see if the checkbox is checked.

In the table mapping do I have the relations correct at the top?

We have always used Rcvinspection in PartPlant, but if your data is in Part then you need these fields in your query.
Set the relation with Company and PartNum
Then bind automatically should map, company, PartNum and RcvInspectionReq.

Thank you! That worked.

Just a friendly reminder for your future to-do list. When you upgrade to Kinetic 2023.2 or beyond, this feature has been added to base code. We now support inspection managed at the Part & part/site level. You can choose to Use the the value in the partclass, or you can override it and choose to INSPECT or NOT inspect.

But will it carry to the PO? That is what we have always had to do ourselves when not using PartClass.

Yes, our core version DOES carry this setting to the PO.