Update By Table - copy SO comments to PO

I have created a pre-processing directive on PO.Update that includes an Update Table by Query component, but I can’t get the Update Table by Query to work. I have inserted a pop-up message that indicates that the conditions are being met, but the update is not happening.


(The PODtl criteria is POLine = 1)

It kicks out three pieces of data:

The mapping says to match the query results on PONum and Company and then to bind the POHeader.CommentText to OrderHead_OrderComment from the query:


When I make a change to the PO, Message 0 (positive) is displayed, but the PO Comments are not updated. I have verified that there are comments in the SO header.

I am missing something, but I don’t know what…


Did you set the RowMod field = “U”?

Nope. Where would I do that?

Should be a column available in the Update by Table widget

If this is what I was supposed to do, it did not work:


Try changing the before condition from “for changed rows” to “all rows”

Already is…

Wasn’t in your original screenshot :man_shrugging:

Sorry, thought you meant the condition for selecting the records I really need a BPM for Dummies

Still not working, even after change:

Have you tested you BAQ to confirm it is returning the required data. Put the comments extracted into a show message to confirm.

Thanks for the thought I had run it as a standalone BAQ but had not thought to put it in a message. Will try to figure that out. Thanks.