Delivery Notifications Quickship

We currently have Epicor 10.2.500.8 and Quickship 5.0 We are looking to have branded delivery notifications. Is this something we can do. Or are we stuck with the UPS and FedEx delivery notifications.

Feedback appreciated.


Do you have Advanced Print Routing (APR)? It can be used to auto email a copy of the packing list and a custom email. BPMs can be used to automate notification emails as well.

I currently have APR and that is what we are doing that with shipping notifications saying that has left with this tracking number.

But what I am looking for is a notification to the customer saying that ups or FedEx has dropped your package or packages at your business. As a method to notify the buyer that the package has made it to the destination.

We have QS and it’s not something you can do. You would have to use a 3rd party service. You can send the initial shipment email with APR but that’s it. We don’t even use APR for that. We use an external service for all shipping alerts.

We are using QuickShip and send notifications to some customers. However, they are the standard UPS and Fedex notifications.