Deploying SSO Client only via GPO

We’re looking to create a GPO that deploys E10 across our company. We’re created a working GPO for the standard Client. However we only want to use an SSO client Deployment.

Is there a way of installing SSO indepenantly of the standard client using the silent.bat feature.

(Note that if you deploy standard the clien folder is 2-3000 files. The SSO will only install 600 Files. So its not that we can’t deploy using SSO, rather it doesn’t deploy correctly)

I shudder every time that I hear someone talk about pushing out the client to many machines. We have 60 users but only use Epicor via Terminal Server. Then when I have a new client to install, I only have to do it twice (once for each terminal server) instead of 60x. Saves an incredible amount of time and troubleshooting on a regular basis, and not just with Epicor.

Sorry this reply isn’t very helpful, just giving you some perspective.

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