Disable Biometric Base Extension customization?

We have a Base Extension customization running on our MES screen that was initially set up to connect a biometric reader. These are no longer supported and we have new MES screens that we are trying to put in service with Win 10. We have not been able to disable or “delete” this biometric customization.

It looks like CSG wrote the customization.

We get this error when trying to select the “Clock In/Out” manually to enter a code.

I am guessing that we need to install some software to keep from getting the error but ultimately we need to get rid of this base extension all together.

I was able to open MES in Customization mode and Select Base to revert to the default MES Form but cannot accomplish this using the user / pw that we assigned for use at the MES and have it open Base MES on log in.

Is there something we can do at the server to disable this base extension customization?



I am not sure if it is the same for base extensions but to define the default customization for the base MES screen you need two things:

  1. Define a custom process in Menu Maintenance with the Program field set to ‘Erp.Menu.Mes.dll’ and the customization set to the desired default.

  2. Specify the custom Menu ID of the process created in (1.) in the .sysconfig file, in the following(existing) node:

<MESCustomMenuID value="CUS_MES" />

Do you have a value in the MESCustomMenuID element in your client sysconfig file? If so try setting it to an empty string. A few things:

  • Back this file up before making any changes

  • You can see the sysconfig being used by looking at the properties of your MES shortcut

  • You can manually edit it or use the tool in the config folder to change it if you are not comfortable manually editing xml.

Thanks for the suggestion but I opened the sysconfig file and saw MESCustomMenuID value=""

For a quick fix, I’d suggest making a custom version of the Base layer that does not use the scanner.

Then set MES to use that new customization that does not include the scanner base extension.