DocStar Issues This Morning?

Good Morning,
Is anyone experiencing issues with DocStar this morning? We are getting a “Site has Been Moved” error.

sorry, but no, I can get right to it… and the site as well… I’m on prem - are you trying a cloud install address that I don’t know of?

Yeah its a cloud install something is up thanks for confirming is not global Mike!

I wonder why it didnt register on would be good. Maybe they missed the monitoring of certain servers, or look only for certain problems.

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Well its our own “private” cloud hosted docstar instance so I don’t know that it necessarily should be listed in the general status dashboard.

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Ah that makes sense… I think you would maybe be responsible for that monitoring.

Well it still hosted at so they should ( i’m sure do) have monitoring for it. But alas… it is what it is they are working to resolve now.