Drop Down Combo WITHIN EpiUltraGrid


I think I’ve seen it done before in a previous posting, but can’t find it - I have a UserCode setup, with different label types. On a screen customisation, I can merrily bind an EpiUltraCombo box to this list, and store the returned value in a UD field on a table.

If I have a dashboard showing a table (say Part table), can I set one of the cells in the table to be a drop down?

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yourUltraGrid.DisplayLayout.Bands[0].Columns[“yourColumnName”].ValueList = yourUltraCombo;

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Yes, one option is to use User Codes and have the dropdown populate in the BAQ (Advanced Editor Options) this will make it so that the dropdown automatically gets populated from the BAQ Level.

Thanks Jose – I’ve looked through the BAQ screen, can’t see Advanced Editor options. Application help doesn’t show my anything either – can you steer me in the right direction please.

Right here

Cool thanks – easy when you know how!! Is there an equivalent for a normal grid on a screen, where you’ve got a UD field displayed? Is it code requirement like Brian showed, or is there a built in way?

Thanks again!

Code requirement

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Looked like the old link isn’t working.
So… just adding a screen shot

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