E10 to E11 conversion what should happen to a custom posting rule set?

In our E10 we have one custom posting rule set on ARInvoice. It has a Revision ID different to the ‘base’ ones.
This is the only one that is active and the ‘base’ ones are blocked

In the conversion to E11 there were no errors and no warnings regarding the custom rule set
E11 under transaction type maintenance i see the same view of revisions as in E10.

But it doesnt work and I now suspect that it has been overwritten in the conversion with a 'standard E11 set.

Is this the expected behaviour???

To be honest I am not sure, I imagine most changes should be kept unless you modified the base operations, I think as long as you used the Customization tab, then it should be preserved.

You can also see if maybe your custom revision is now blocked and the default is active. You can compare revisions and see the differences.

Posting rule sets always seem rather arcane to me, so i don’t touch!

The changes were made by an external consultant and i have been back to look at E10 and in

Revisions->Book->Booking Rules->Operations->Customizations and there is nothing set for any of the rules suggesting that perhaps the change(s) were made to ‘base’