ECM error

Probably a rookie mistake but I can’t find it. Kinetic 2021.2 on prem, with ECM on prem as well.

Attachment Type and Document Type set up correctly as far as I can tell, but when I try to attach a document using my Document Type I get an error “Content Type not found”. I can attach documents into ECM no problem if I leave the Document Type field blank (in Kinetic, if I choose the “default” option), and when they appear in ECM they have the Content Type I’ve defined.

Behaves the same way in Classic and Kinetic. Nothing special about the Attachment Type or Document Type that I can see.

Any ideas?

Did you configure the Content Type?

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Yes I did, and the error message has a colon at the end (which to me indicates it isn’t finding it from whatever reference it uses), but if I DON’T use a Document Type then ECM DOES find a Content Type and apply it to the upload. I can’t find anywhere to relate an ECM Content Type to a Kinetic Document Type… even if I name them the same it won’t find it.

When you make the document type in Epicor that is an ECM type it makes that a content type and security class in ECM with the company(ies) I only have one company so I just made ECMDOC and ECMDOC_COMP01 was created.


That was it… for some reason the Security Class was there, but the Content Type was not (I may have erased it in a fit of passion or something).