Edge Agent & ECM

Has anyone had any success having ECM attachments open up in the browser with the Edge Agent installed? I was under the impression that with the Edge Agent, we would not have to download the files any longer to view them. When I click on the image icon I get prompted for my ECM user id and password. if I enter it, it takes me to ECM instead of just opening the document in a new tab.

I’ve been pestering support a lot with other problems and wanted to check to see if anyone has it working before I create another ticket.

Edge Agent only looks for local file attachments, not ECM.

Thanks @Olga . Are there any plans to try and replicate the old functionality? The “sell” for ECM is that it integrates with Epicor using only one seat, it sounds like that is not true anymore.

I don’t remember exact UI layout, but it looks like you are trying to use VIew in DocStar (ECM) functionality. It always was per user.
For one seat you need to use a button that will download from server.

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Not in client. You could just double click an attachment and it would open. Big loss if that functionality is gone.

yes, i guess it was discussed here. Browser does not allow this by default and you need to do some per-browser setup of handlers

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Thanks @Olga