EDI Import settings for Customer Duplicate POs

I have an instance where an EDI customer sent us two EDI POs with the same customer PO Number.
The results in Epicor were strange.

I thought that if there was a duplicate customer PO Number the order would get stuck in Demand Workbench, but it did not.

The customer setting ‘Check Dup POs’ is marked TRUE.

I did testing and found that if I manually close a line and run the EDI Import for the PO again, Epicor will open the closed line.

If the Line is showing shipped, then the EDI import will create a second release for that line number.

If the line is shipped and invoiced, then it will create a new line for the same part.

Is there any way I can have the EDI Import block duplicate POs altogether? I would rather have these cases stop in Demand Workbench rather than changing an existing sales order. Is there a setting in Epicor where I can change these actions?


We have had the same issue. Right now we dont have a work around. I am looking at a BPM that should trigger this warning and the Idea is the order will reside in Demand Workbench, Flagged as a duplicate PO. This way we can update the previous order (if needed as home depot recycles PO so they will come back) and then update the new one.

Not sure what you have done but I will follow up as I write up the specs and share it with our developers. I would look at this as a pre-process Directive. Basically a look up on customer number and Purchase order number. If a match is found , write the records to demand and flag with Duplicate PO Found. Archive the EDI file and move to the next.


At a previous (non-Epicor) company, duplicate transactions would be identified with a combination of invoice (or PO) number, company as well as transaction date.

Some companies do indeed recycle transaction numbers, and the date should confirm if a new or updated record.