Employee Hire and Term dates

I would like to see Epicor create fields for Hire/Start and Termination Dates in the Employee Record. May times auditors want to know when an employee was created and terminated in the system. There may be fields with the Payroll module but we do not use the module.

Can you easily add these yourself just 2 UD fields, requires no custom code.

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I would moreover add to the request the ability to track employee life into the company… (we track it in another custom system )

Employee starts at job01, then after 2 years switch to job02… etc… until he becomes President!!! :wink:
So he is terminated on job01, but not as an employee…but as a combination of information (either jobID or resource group ID… )

Again…maybe a module exists for this kind of stuff…but we did not buy it…


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agree that we can do and have done it before but just be a lot easier if Epicor provided this. Seems like something that could be easliy provided.

I think we tracked that too at my other company. I know we had their job roles change and supervisors tracked in a UD table. Unfortunately Epicor tracks no history of it on their out of box fields.