Epicor 9. Full Physical Count Tag Entry. Cannot enter/save tag due to tag having a LOT # but part is NOT LOT TRACEABLE

We have a major problem in our yearly physical inventory just now. Somehow, through some back end transactions a part that is NOT Lot traceable was accidentally placed into inventory with a Lot Number attached through some kind of glitch or mishandled transaction. We have just finished generating tags for our yearly physical inventory but a tag was created for the part that has this LOT # attached but it is NOT Lot Traceable on the part master. We get an error when we try to update/save the count on the tag in Count Tag Entry that a tag with a lot number cannot be saved on a Non-Lot traceable part. Is there any way to fix this or get rid of the tag so we can post. I don’t think it will let us post our physical inventory unless ALL tags are accounted for and entered, correct? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. If somehow I could just get rid of this one bad tag, I think we’d be OK.