Epicor Lot Tracking

Hello, is there a way to add a lot number after a part has been received in the system?

If the part itself was setup to do lot tracking, you should not have been able to receive it without a Lot number, nor could you have switched to Lot tracking (I don’t think) with a non-lot traced Qty in inventory. I’m concerned about how you got here, or that you are not set up properly to do Lot tracking.

Anyway, Lots have their own table, so ‘adding a lot’ is done through inventory adjustments, The only answer I can think of is to do an inventory adjustment to remove the qty from inventory, and then put it back in as a Lot # (assuming the part is set up for Lot tracking).

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If you are going to lot tracking for the part, I would recommend changing the costing method to Lot FIFO if you are FIFO because without you can have Lots that can be in different FIFO layers.

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