Epicor - Report Data Definition - BAQ Constant

Wondering how to get BAQ Constants (CurrentUserid, CurrPlant etc) in the Report Data Definition, Any Technique other then the Customization ?

Look for how to add the CallContextClientData DataSet to the SSRS Report.
He comes in, I believe, when you perform the sync dataset in RDD HOWEVER that is also typically a big NO-NO.

Here’s a snip of the Query that results from adding this DataSet, this should give you a leg up.

=“SELECT T1.[ClientType], T1.[ProcessId], T1.[AssemblyName], T1.[CustomizationId], T1.[CurrentUserId], T1.[CurrentCompany], T1.[CurrentPlant], T1.[CGCCode], T1.[RowMod] FROM CallContextClientData_” + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T1"

Thanks Michael, After just posting my query, I found the Call Context Table, and linked it with UserFile Table, My issue was resolved. Probably, this post would be helpful for the others given that Search Engine picks it up.