ERP 10.2 Active Home Page

Is anyone using the Active Home Page in ERP 10.2?

We haven’t upgraded yet and I’m wondering if that Active Home Page is available for Web Access users.

Can those users see the charts, graphs, etc?

Can they drill down from them too?

Our company president would like to have a Business Intelligence system to provide insight. I have started looking into some like DOMO and Sisense. But, if this Active Home Page and EDD will provide him with that insight, why go out of Epicor.

Hi Karen,

What I have seen, and we’re DT SaaS users here, is there is actually a URL that you can go to outside the Epicor Client that shows all of the same information. We’re not using it yet but I’ve played around with it in our Pilot environment. I assume that the drill-down is all there since the EDD product is entirely written in HTML5 - so it’s available on mobile as well.

Mark W.

Brian Conner demoed EDD at Insights and it is amazing! My understanding is that they are just using CefSharp (GitHub - cefsharp/CefSharp: .NET (WPF and Windows Forms) bindings for the Chromium Embedded Framework) to display web pages on the home screen. This means you can link directly to the charts and graphs, or that you can embed other web URL’s into the home screen.

None of the options you are looking at will work out of the box though, including EDD. In my experience, all of the time and effort is in writing the queries and maintaining the data.


EDD / Active Home Page / Mobile CRM / the new P21 UI aka ‘da Vinci’ are all written in the same javascript / Angular based UI framework. Different branches from ‘master’ so differing versions but same code line.

Active Home Page is hosting these EDD html widgets on a web browser control on a C# page.
EDD is a stand along browser app with more advanced abilities if you opt in for those features.