ERP 9 new Po suggestions lead time does not match Part Maintenance lead time

In new PO Suggestions, some lead times do not match the purchasing lead time in Part Plant.

The field help is SugPoDtl.LeadTime in PO Suggestions

and PartPlant.LeadTime in Part Maintenance.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

I’m not sure what your setup is or what you’re expecting to see, however, ours works as follows

Item has a 5 day lead time

PO suggestion due date is 9/20/22 and the order by date is 9/13/22. There is a weekend in this date range therefore, it is indeed 5 days.

The few we found were PO Suggestion LT = 90 and Part.Plant LT = 210. So it must be something else.

@randallweber Is there a vendor price list for that part?

Wow - thanks! Still learning :slight_smile: