ERP Analyzer

May be a dumb question, but…will the ERP Analyzer work if pointed at a system that is already a 10.1 version? I have only seen it used once and that was 9.05 source system.
Just a thought that it might help a client determine whether to Jump to 10.2.


Hi Ed,

When we upgraded from 10.0.700 to 10.2.100 at the end of the year, there was not a “scrubber”, “analyzer”, “health check” version for 10.0+ yet, but I hear there may be one on the way.

Mark W.

Thank you Mark!

I appreciate the response and your time!

The ERP analyzer does work with E10.x releases now.

Additionally, what we used to call “scrubbers” which were checks for certain types of known data behaviors are now called “the health check” and are available in all E10.x releases as well.


Thank you Nathan - we have seen the scrubbers before, but used to have to request those through support. Sounds like that step isn’t necessary anymore, right?

This will be good news for the client - they are eager to get onto 10.2 this year but are worried about the customization impact - they had a lot of internal turnover so tribal knowledge has disappeared. My first thought was ERP Analyzer.

Thank you!


Great news Nathan. We must have just missed it! I’ll be requesting a scan soon. When you upgrade, it’s difficult to catch everything that a new install does.

Mark W.

As of today the health check (and any fixer programs that the health check determines are required) need to be requested from Support.

Thank you for clarification.