Error while viewing Crystal reports in E10

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I am getting following error for some crystal reports while printing. Have any one experienced similar issue. It will get solved only after server restart. I there any other solutions

System is asking to run in preview mode in system monitor and I couldn’t able to do it.

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If you highlight the row on the Reports tab and press Save, it should go through the process of asking you where you want to save the XML and RPT file. Do you get an error going through that process?

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I could’nt click the save option.

From “actions” choose “Download Report Data”. This will prompt you to save the files. From there you should be able to open the report in crystal reports and point it to the XML file.


Is it on Epicor 10.0.400 ? I am getting following options in Actions menu.

I raised a ticket in Epicor hope they will respond soon,
Thanks for your reply