Fulfillment workbench and Quick Search


I’ve created a quick search and made it the default via Actions -> User Preferences in the Fulfillment workbench when on the Order Fulfillment tab. The Quick search fires and invokes the BAQ as expected. I tell it to return all rows which ends up with say 285 records in the results. I then click select all and ok which should bring them into the workbench itself. When I look at the results in the workbench I only have the first 100 records so it seems to be ignoring that I told it to return all which it did but then dropped the extras after the first 100.

Anyone seen this before or have some advice on how to force it to keep all the records when transferring them into the other dataset?

Kelly Renner

Just a quick follow up on this. It was a confirmed bug and fix put into code in case anyone else runs into it.


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