Getting Crystal Reports to work in Menu Maintenance

I am uplifting my current 9.05.702A Crystal Reports to 10.2 and have contacted EPICOR support who states that I create a c:\epicordata\customreports folder.

I have my custom reports at the mentioned location and have pointed my Menu Maintenace to “\reports\CustomReports\TAF\All Parts Firm Orders.rpt”

Then I log off and back on to EPICOR and try to get the report to work at the menu location and I get the Crystal Reports RunTime to pop-up but nothing. No error, nothing working.

I switch the Menu Location to the absolute path \TAF2K12E10-TEST\EpicorData\CustomReports\TAF\All Parts Firm Orders.rpt and it works, but I can’t get it to work the way specified in the migration guide (pg 107).

Any ideas?

Out of curiosity, does anything show up in the “History Tasks” tab of the “System Monitor” when you attempt to run the report? And if so, what kind of information does it give you in the “Detail” section for that record?

What type of Crystal reports are these? ODBC? BAQ? Copy of standard Report?

I think I ran into a similar situation on 10.1. You’re looking for a folder to put your .rpt files, correct? I ended up placing the folder at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\yourEnviro\Server\reports\someUniqueFolderName. If I recall, a CustomReports folder already exists in this directory, but for some reason that didn’t work. I had to create a unique folder, something like myCompanyCustomReports.

Once I did that, the path “\reports\myCompanyCustomReports\SomeSubDirectory\someReport.rpt” worked.

This was a year ago, so my memory may be off. Hope it helps.

This is what worked for me.
With file system showing “C:\EpicorData\CustomReports” and changing Report Styles and menu’s to “/reports/CustomReports/ -----”

Thanks for all of your help.