Keeping Crystal Reports in V10

We’re in the middle of migrating from E9.05 to E10.

Does anyone know how we can use the Crystal reports (.rpt) files in E10? We don’t want to spend time to move all of these reports over if we don’t need to.
We’re especially looking to keep our job traveler that we have customized heavily.

Job Traveler is a great candidate to keep but I would find out how many of your Crystal Reports are used to feed Excel. All of those can be replaced with Dashboards and made even easier with BAQs and OData

Mark W.

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So you’re saying that it’s possible? I wonder if there is any documentation about how to do that.

Edit: We’re not concerned about the data reports. Just mostly those complicated forms that we’ve customized to suit our business.

Is setting the data definition and report style for Crystal in E10 exactly the same as in E9? I wonder why everything I’ve heard says you can’t use Crystal anymore.

Where do you put the .rpt files so that Epcior can find and run them? Isn’t it IIS in E10?


Search through the forum. I know this topic has been covered before

Just put the Custom Reports folder in the EpicorData folder and you should be good to go.

C:\EpicorData\CustomReports<your reports>


So if this is my directory on the server where I put the job traveler: C:\EpicorData\CustomReports\CustomForms\traveler.rpt
What does the location in report style need to look like:
I’ve tried the following and it just hangs when I try to print preview:

Which way is the slash supposed to go forward or backward for Crystal reports? Is there someplace in the application I define where the root of the EpicorData is or is that hardcoded in the Application itself?

Um, I think that’s not the take-away I was going for. :wink: I’m sure it is possible but you may want to weigh the amount of work to get the Crystal to work vs moving it to SSRS. We opted to stay all SSRS because there are things you can’t do with Crystal, like Print Routing. If you can eliminate many of the other reports by using dashboards and BAQs with OData, you’ve freed up the time to develop an SSRS version of the the Job Traveler. Crystal will continue to get less and less features/support. If you can get the Crystal running, great but eventually you might want to look into the future and make the investment in moving forward. YMMV…

Mark W.

For anyone that’s looking where the setup is:

  1. System Agent Maintenance gives the base path (Client Program Directory)
  2. Report style will finish the path ( Report Location)
  3. On the app server you combine them into a long path and put the .rpt at that location. Using forward slashes /in/the/path/name

The way it comes over from E9 and earlier is reports/customreports/etc…

This can stay in place and seems to understand the reports as the EpicorData folder.


I believe they must be on your server in this folder I have listed below. If not for your version, hopefully it will give you are start.

Good luck!
Penny Isom

You will need to enable Crystal Reports in your Company Maintenance. In the Dedicated Tenancy product, the screen looks like this:


Please be aware that support agents will give you reponses ranging from “We don’t support this” to “This won’t work”. If you choose to use these, be aware that you will face this every time you call in to support.

The answer “Crystal reports is going away, you really need to switch to SSRS” seems to be the company line . I have my reports in my queue to update, but I can tell you when I went from 8.03 to 10.1 I was able to get most reports working, including my check printing report which was pretty customized.

Finally got the correct directory so that the application can find the .rpt files.
I had to create a CustomReports directory inside the reports folder, which was confusing because the Reports folder normally just contains report data from users when they run a report.

hope this helps someone

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