Global Scheduling Error: Subcontract Operations and Start Dates

I have been running a full finite schedule with no issues for over 6 months now. Recently when I run global scheduling many job start dates are mismatched with the first operation dates (Job start date may be a week before the first operation actually starts). Subcontract operations often do not follow the order of operations, for example a third operation that is a subcontract operation on a job could be scheduled to run ahead of all other operations (see attached job scheduling board).

I cannot think of anything significant that has been changed in the past few weeks that would have caused this. Any ideas on what may be causing this or how to potentially fix it would be appreciated!

Zach - the job as scheduled looks fine. The changes to op 30 and 40 in blue, are those the results of running global scheduling? If op 20 was complete, I can see how this could occur. (The job was late, op 20 is done, therefore schedule op 30 to occur as quickly as possible).

Also, if the PO for that op (30) has been created, the scheduler will use the dates on the PO instead of the originally scheduled date. I run into this a lot when someone creates a subcon PO and accepts the scheduled date instead of changing the receipt date based upon their best information at the time the PO was created (The part gets done early, so the PO gets created, but the original scheduled date is on the PO).


No operations were started or completed at the time of global re-schedule. No POs were associated with any part of the job. Yet the current start date of OP30 after global scheduling is 6/13 and the current start date for OP10 is 6/27. I don’t see any situation where these operations should be running in the wrong order.

FYI we’re on Epicor v10.2.200.27

I do not have an answer for you, Zach. Let’s see what the rest of the community says.

Case Resolved:

This problem appears to be a bug with Epicor version

After updating to version all issues were fixed and scheduling continues to function normally.

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