Gross Margin Report - question with labor

For anyone using the Sales Gross Margin Report in Epicor - the Labor column isn’t making sense to me – it seems like it might be in hours instead of dollars – but burden and materials appear to be dollars. Wondering if anyone knows how this calculates? I have no IT background (in customer service) – so I don’t know how to see the innerworkings of this report.

Hello Tanya,
these are in dollars.

Labor is the direct labor cost, usually, it is from JOB. do you issue any work order in your company.
Burden is the general burden.
Material is the direct material cost. for the labor and burden, they are defined in the resources group.
Material is based on the receiving cost and part cost. what cost method you applied, std or avg, or something else.



Its cost only. But it doesn’t look correct as Burden is too high compared to labour cost. Check the Part Transaction History Tracker for that part (transaction type STK-CUS, MFG-CUS, KIT-CUS, etc). If its shipped from Job, check the Job Tracker.

Thank you - will check into those areas. Appreciate your thoughts!