Has anyone been able to register for classes/labs at Insights?

I have been registered for some time, however, cannot get an answer from them on where or how to reserve the standard classes and labs for Inisghts which is now 18 days away! They originally told me there would be a mobile app, like in past years and you would use that, however, nothing has been announced or is shown on the Insights page on how to reserve the classes or where to get an app if one exists.
Anyone know? Did I miss something or a link?

George Hicks

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You can build your agenda on the site can’t you? I don’t know that you need to register for standard stuff
You just show up normally

I found out yesterday that there is NO Registration for classes and Labs this year, it is bascially First Come, First Served, so a Free for all I guess, :confused:
They said they will have a Mobile App as well, sometime mid May. Would have been good to put that on their website for Insights, and get the App out a month ahead of time, but hey, that is just me.

So, anyway, see you at Insights!

Lol, you need to lower your expectations a bit. Epicor isn’t really known for doing things well ahead of time. :rofl:

George, it’s a good time to link up with someone if you are late to a lab or don’t get a computer to try it on.

Just shoulder surf someone and ask them if you can sit with them and go through it with them.

Great networking opportunity.

Have had it happen to me many many times.

Yes, just like that Hannah :rofl: