Has someone created an Audit Log

We need to see who makes changes to the Customer Price List. However, going to Business Activity Manager, it does not let me choose the tables I need.

Has anyone added an Audit Log for cases like this?

We would also like an Audit Log for Qualified Manufacturer and Qualified Manufacturer Part Number.

You mean using BPMs like this?

Thank you - I am not very good at this - where can I find BPM Workflow Designer? We are on 9.05.605.

I also don’t know how to select the data directive tables fields that will be monitored for change.

I have used Data Directives - just not sure how to follow these directions.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Cathy,

you are in the right area. E10 is different, so ignore what Brandon has aid.

In the BAM, click create new BAM, select CustomerPriceLst from the drop down list (not Table Name), then click save. Now select the fields you want to monitor, then click the action tab and select Create log and then click save.

You should now have a logs for the fields you want. Try this in pilot first and change a few things to make sure this is what you want.


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Thank you

I found PriceLstParts where the table is PLParkBrk for the BAM.

Now under Actions - how do I get the Change Log to part of the list?

opps sorry yes, I was about to reply and say wrong table.

Once you have selected the field you want to monitor, ie move from available to selected under the event tab, then select the action tab (not actions up in the tool bar). Under this tab the first check box needs to be ticked which is called create log…then click save and your done.

I have done that - I know that records are being written to the Chglog table for the Price List -

It the Price List form - how do I enable change log viewing? For example - in Part Maintenance - it is Action > Change Log.

Thank you

mmmm yes there isn’t one. You will have to use the system generic report or create a BAQ. To get to the change log reports select System Management -->> Security Maintenance --> Reports then select Change Log Report. Select your desired date range and click on filter to select the table required.