I had this error after we converted. This is what was sent to me by
epicor. Basically, you have to change the permissions on your folders
then have everyone reboot their machines. The help file has to be READ
ONLY. I would strongly suggest that you get the security document from
epicor on how to lock down your files. Before you make all your folders
read only make sure you give SYSTEM and ADMINISTRATOR full access. I
will mail you off list with the security document if I can find it.

This error is not exclusive to Windows95, so ignore that portion of the
document below. We have had customers report this error with NT, Win98
and Win2000 as well, but the solution has worked for everyone regardless
of the operating system.

Summary: Cannot display this Help file...136
Book: Support Solutions
Page: 469MPS


Windows Help issue

Cannot display this help file. Try opening this help file again, and if
you get this message, copy the help file to a different drive, and try

The information in this article applies to:

- Microsoft Windows 95


When you try to open a Windows Help file on a full-access network share,
you may receive the following error message:
Cannot display this Help file. Try opening the Help file again, and if
you still get this message, copy the Help file to a different drive, and
try again. (136)


This behavior can occur if the Help file you are trying to open is
currently open on a computer running Microsoft Windows NT.


To work around this behavior, use any one of the following methods:

- Copy the Help file to a different name or location.

- Close the Help file on the computer running Windows NT.

- Change the access type for the network share to read-only. (To do
this in Vantage, you must be on the 4.00.610 patch or higher. You
can then change the Epicor Folder to Read Only.)

- Add a second network protocol in Network properties.


This behavior occurs only if you try to open a Help file on a
Windows95-basedcomputer and the Help file is currently open on a Windows
NT-based computer.
Other computers running Windows NT 3.x, Windows 3.1x, or Windows for
3.1x can open the Help file while it is open on a Windows NT-based

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Version : 95
Platform : WINDOWS
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