Hide Whole Tab in Map

How can I hide a whole tab. As an example, the ones with arrows below.

Depends on your version.
2021.2? Create a layer and just delete the page.

2022.2? Maybe even 2022.1 (not sure).
Create a rule:


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And to add more info.

  • I am on 2022.1
  • You can’t hide the Activity Page with a Row Rule
  • You can hide multiple pages in 1 Row Rule

They gotta make things difficult, huh?

Yes they do.

Modified previous.

How dare you make me test my suggestions. Rofl

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My apologies. Or, you can also do.

I imagine that would still leave the Activity tab when you run the layer, no?

Yeah, you might be better off removing the tab all together.
If you remove the page you get this:

Honestly, it’s easy enough to add back in if you decide you want it.

Just to help the next poor soul trying to hide a tab.

Set the EpBinding of the Tab in the tabstrip control

Create a rule to hide the bound field