How do you add UD100A as a child table to another form?

I have an application where I need a 3-deep parent child table structure (Header - Detail - Sub-Detail). I have the Header setup as UD02, and the Detail/Sub-Detail setup as UD100/UD100A.

Initially I want to modify the UD02 entry screen to have both UD100 & UD100A on it, so that I can populate/lookup everything in one place. Eventually, UD02 will be linked to the PartRev table, and I would like to add all 3 tables to the Part Maintenance Form.

For the UD02 form, I’ve got UD100 added as a child table, and I’ve got an UltraGrid to show/add/delete it’s records as I change the UD02 record. On the same screen, I have another UltraGrid that I want bound to UD100A, and have it show/add/delete as I select through the UD100 UltraGrid.

My issue is that UD100A is not in the binding list, and I don’t know how to add it there. When I try to add another child table, UD100 is listed but the “A” tables are not.

Also, I’ve managed to get the new drop down to have “UD100” added to it, but “UD02” is not in the list, how do I add that?


It looks like my wizard was supposed to add the UD100A code automatically, but failed to do so.

I went down a different path as I found that there are two lowest level tables (2 child tables to UD100) that are required. I am now using standard UD Tables as such:

UD04 is the Parent with child UD05. UD05 has children UD06 & UD07.

On the form for UD04 I’ve added UD05 as a child, and it works great. I then tried to add UD06 as a child to UD05, and the code the wizard put in failed to compile. The problem error is:

‘Script’ does not contain a definition for ‘UD05View_Row’ and no extension method ‘UD05View_Row’

And UD05View_Row is used to trigger all of the update and populate functions for UD06. What’s going wrong? How do I fix this?