Add Child table to UD Table

We created a log of Warrantee call-ins using the UD23 table that captures case # (Key1) name, address, part number etc. Works fine. Now based on a record in the UD23 table they want to associate multiple repair part numbers to send out for repair based on the Case#.

The only way I can think of is to add another UD table as a child (using UD24) to capture the Key1 value of UD23 and to add the specific part numbers. I have tried this a few ways but does not seem to work like it does for non UD tables. When going to customization and adding a table as child I am expecting to see under the File selection menu and Add New UD23 and Add New UD24 but the New UD24 is not there.

Any suggestions on how to complete the task would be appreciated. My only other thought would be to create an updatable dashboard and pull it into a sheet based on the UD24 table.
Just not to good with doing these joins.

Try UD100 there is child table UD100A. When you go into customization both will be there and they are linked.

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If you can DMT the data from UD23 to UD100 the work is done for you. UD100A is already a child of UD100, so business objects and logic are built in.