How do you open Kinetic view? (Epicor 10.2.700)

How does one open screens in Kinetic view?

I logged into Epicor and chose Kinetic view when logging in. It opens the main screen in the view. Now for each individual screen, such as Order Entry, how can I tell the client to open Kinetic view instead of classic?

I think I snoozed an alert a while ago that said do you want to open in Kinetic view. So what’s the way to say I want to see a certain screen in Kinetic mode?

Also forgive my ignorance but do all the screens have a Kinetic version or is it just some of them?

The brute force method of undoing the Snooze on the Kinetic UI notification is to purge your Personalizations for that form.

The menu item that you click to open the form can also dictate which version of the UI to use.

I swear there is a secret keypress while opening a menu item too, but I can’t find that in my notes now.

Edit: Alt key appears to be the magic keypress, but it’s for choosing the version of the form/report to launch from the classic mode Actions menu.

On a classic entry form, to change the type of form you launch from the Actions menu, hold down the Alt key, and then press A to expand the Actions menu. Still holding the Alt key, select the form to access the Options menu and switch between the classic and Kinetic UI. For example, if you want to print a purchase order report directly from the Purchase Order Entry, you go to the Actions > Print menu. By default, the report opens in the Kinetic UI, but you can choose to run the classic version of the report.

Good to know - thanks!

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