How is "Primary Supplier" checkbox on Supplier Price List populated?

I’m working on a dashboard and I have been requested to include the Primary Supplier indicator from the Supplier Price List form. The problem is that field is linked to a view. I haven’t been able to identify a field anywhere that corresponds to it so I’m making the assumption that it’s created from some criteria in the view.

Does anyone know how this checkbox control is populated?

Primary Supplier
You might try the Part Master

  • on the Plant (or Sites) sheet
    — If the Supplier ID is populated

Or you can check Supplier Price Lists.

  • I believe you used to be able to set it here too but I alway use the part master.

I think if checkbox is checked for a supplier, then the PartPlant.VendorNum field gets populated.

Andy Lintz

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It’s a view because that’s not truly stored in the database as it’s shown on the entry form. The “Primary Supplier” is in fact stored in the PartPlant table. If the primary supplier in PartPlant matches the one you’re looking at on the Supplier Price List the box will be checked. If not, it won’t be.

Also, as mentioned above, if you check the Primary Supplier checkbox, it should write the current Supplier into the PartPlant record for you.

Short Version: The Primary Supplier is stored in PartPlant.VendorNum but it’s not the true/false you may be looking for.

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Thank you Chad Smith, you are so helpful!