How to apply job related costs such as hotel, meals, car rental, etc. to specific job(s)


Some of our employees have company credit cards and use them to purchase materials, gas, meals, hotels, car rentals, etc. amongst other purchases. Some times, these purchases are related to specific jobs. Once we receive their credit card statements, we code their expenses accordingly to the respective GL accounts. However, if an employee has a hotel charge that is tied to a specific job, instead of coding it to Travel and Lodging for example, how can we apply it to that job so that it goes into COGS? Where would we see this cost in the job production detail and how would it be characterized?

Thank you!

OK… now you are getting tricky… Yes, the system supports this.

  1. on your job, you will need to add a MATERIAL line. When you add this, check the “Misc Charge” checkbox.
  2. Then choose the Misc Charge account you want it to go to.
  3. Now when you are in AP, you can apply any expenses to this misc charge on the job.


Hello Tim,

Thank you for such a quick response.

Everything seems to workout okay so far however, our ERP Test Environment is not letting us print preview or print reports. So I am not able to see if what I was testing is actually working and I do not want to test this in the production environment either. We have submitted our issue to Epicor and are waiting on a response.

Thank you again, Tim!

Hi Tim!! Hope you had a great time at this years Insights.
I had a follow up question on adding Misc Charge codes for expenses to the Project Phase Job during the AP process.
While I have seen that when the related AP Invoice post , the application updates the estimated unit material cost field of the related Misc. Charge; what I havent seen is the actual cost of the expense hitting the phase job. I can see the actuals in the ProjectPhase costs, but when I look at the job level I cannot see a direct material cost impact from those expenses. Shouldn’t I be able to see those as actual costs on the job?

The charges should be applied to the job as ADJ-PUR entries. Can you see any transactions in Job Tracker > Material Transactions?

No there is nothing in the material transactions history. Nothing on the Produciton Detail report either.
Is the job example you used above a Project Phase Job, or a manufacturing job?

It’s a Project Phase job.


Im not sure why the transactions are showing up then on ours. I can even see the Green checkboxes on the mtl tree cards indicating the demand has been fulfilled…but the transaction history is blank.

Misc Charge always shows the green checkmark, because technically there is no real demand. Are you entering the costs via Job Charge on an AP Invoice, or just creating the Misc Charge in Job Entry?

Its being auto-created during the Generate Expense Invoices for Employees process that creates the invoice and makes the job charge references in both the Invoice Detail (APInvjob table) and in the Job Material table. The posting of that Invoice is what I was looking for to make the actual cost apply to the job.