How to view parameters of a task in process set?

We are in the process of migrating to E10 and I’m looking at our scheduled tasks in E9 trying to figure out which ones we actually still use and need to bring over.

All is fine and good looking at tasks in the System Agent - from the Actions menu I can “View Task Parameters” and find out exactly what a specific task is trying to do. But in the case of “Schedule Process Set” the only info I get is which Process Set is scheduled. I can go to “Process Set Maintenance” and see the tasks in the process set, but I cannot tell what exactly they are doing - it’s not very helpful to know there are two “Build Executive Dashboard Cube” tasks, or two “Dynamic Query Export” tasks if I can’t tell what they actually are.

I found a separate question here: View Task Details in Process Set in which it appears that in E10 if you right-click it gives you a “View Task Settings” options. In E9 do not see that option when I right click in any of the fields in the Process Set Tasks table in Process Set Maintenance. The “Actions” menu is also grayed out (with or without selecting a task in the tree on the left) and I don’t see anything under any of the other menus to get this info.

How can I get the “task parameters” for these tasks?

Nothing like posting a question to cause the answer to be found by accident!

When I double click on the triangle at the left of the row, a screen showing the task parameters pops right up!