Ideas for merging additional pages into PDF reports

I am sure the situation has come up before and would like to see what solutions people have come up with

I have been asked to add Terms and Conditions to our sales invoices as trailing pages.
We use Document Sender for sending of documents by email. This can add supplementary attachments to emails, but not modify, the PDF document itself.

Document Sender uses the Docotic.pdf .net library, which can split and merge PDF, but i guess this licence tied to doc send?

I also wondered about using a method directive on doc send - ‘Presend Email’ to manipulate the attachments using a third party utility or other .net library

I have thought about discarding doc sender and trying to roll my own solution using some kind of virtual printer which has workflow to manipulate the PDF and create the email

I have tried creating a new version of ARForm.rdl with the TandCs included. My experiments to date have been less than successful. I really dont want to pull part one of these system reports.

Put the terms and conditions on your website
Add a direct link to this on your invoice

Put a footer such as
Our terms and conditions can be found at : URL

Even include that url on the body of the email that APM sends

Nobody is going to read them anyway and it will save you loads of work and potential paper if when printed

That failing your best bet is to modify the SSRS report


This is the easiest solution. If you have multiple versions of T&Cs, make sure to version them and make them available to each customer/supplier.

Some companies send a single T&C while doing the W9, bank info, etc. and just keep that signed copy on file with record instead of sending it out every single time. High volume companies can do an electronic acceptance and save with the customer record.

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I’ve modified SOForm/QuotForm with terms on trailing pages.
It can definitely be a little tricky workign with SSRS/Report Builder but should be possible to get terms on the Invoices too.


  • If I were printing hard copies, I’d go with something like Jose suggested, if only to save on ink/paper.
  • but if only generating a PDF to attach to an email, I would modify the ARForm instead (even though itwill probably take some trial and error)