In the Appearance settings, add ability to change color palette per plants

I know we can show the plant on the bottom of a form, but users being users, they still make the mistake of being in the wrong plant writing a sales order.

It would be an more visible added feature to be able to change the coloring in the appearance settings section to save not only for a company, if multiple company, but for a specific plant of that company.


Epicor version?

Desktop version (Classic, Modern, Active)?

Well 10.2.300.9 will be our version soon.

The 10.0 modern view… what is active?

When we save it asks for a specific company… maybe add a the plant choice as well ?


And add the App Environment as parameter for color selection too.

For info about the new and improved Active Home Page (alternate Desktop):

The Run-Time Styler has a filter option for Site

but I’m not sure how the Theme utilities work with the Active Desktop, if that’s what you’re using.

Mark W.

For the Env we change the company name, and add the date of the DB snapshot we restored into it with the wording TEST or TRAINNING depending of the env. I even add the env in the load event when I have a customization done so the top form text would show its version and env. But we need to do this every time…we restore the DB into TEST or Training. Sometimes we forget…:hushed:

The coloring could just be a form border and /or title background… and could be saved into the config file…



but we do not use the Active home page yet… one step at a time! Looking forward to try it out after our migration hickups…:wink:


As well as the other things like company name change, I made a theme with a lime green background, and apply it to the TEST.

I made the theme in the live company, so when it is copied to the TEST DB it already exists. I just have to go into the TEST DB and set this special theme as the default.


Could not help myself not looking at this feature…after I noticed I had to set myself as “able to manage themes”.

Well Bingo this pointed me out to the right direction exaclty what I was looking for. The following Youtube video from CodaBears helped me step by step …
setting theme in 10.2

And the result, well if I am in one site, I see my color A, if I change site and open the same form, I see colorB !!!

It is a bit complicated though but looks promising!



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