Insights 2021

Thanks to all that made Insights 2021 a great event!! The Marcus Lemonis keynote and the Customer Led sessions were the best!!!

It was awesome to see you all!!!

I know we all brought back ideas for what to present next year in Nashville.


You know what? Of all the sessions I’ve been to over the years and of all the things I’ve done, @Banderson showing me how to use a ‘%’ when doing a True/False/All filter in a dashboard freaking blew my mind. I was messing around with that for years and pretty much wrote it off. It’s so damn simple and makes perfect sense.
So, thanks for that! lol

See ya’ll next year!


For those who were not their, care to share the ‘%’ thing. Sounds intriguing.

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It was great to see everyone and put faces to names. Hopefully next year we are back to full strength.

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You bet!

So, the scenario is you have a boolean column in a dashboard that you want to make a Tracker criteria filter for. Well, if you just set it up to use values, it gives you True/False. When you run the dashboard the first time, it has all, but once you filter on True or False, there’s no way to go back to all unless you clear and refresh.
@Banderson can weigh in on how he did it as I have not played with it, but you could customize the tracker view, add a combo box with the values of True/False/% and have it control your boolean column. When the use selects hte %, it serves as a wildcard and allows you to see all the rows again.


Nashville, hmm… I thought they were going to Colorado at some point. They should come to Canada at some point so we can show Canada to the Epicor world. Once Americans are allowed in?

Thank you, I have run across this several times. Nice to have a fix.

I actually did it in the advanced column editor in the BAQ, you make a list of the values in there (yes / no / % ). You have to make the BAq updatable to get to that part, but once you do, the filter on the dashboard will show a drop down automatically with no customization.

The trick was to use the advanced BPM update so that you can make it updateable without having to actually update anything.


I asked Insights back in 2019 about moving it to other locations besides Mandalay Bay and Opryland, but they said that no other one-stop-shop facilities exist that would handle 4500 people, conference rooms, and hotel rooms. It would be nice to have it move around!

Orlando? San Francisco? Chicago? Austin? (Well, Austin’s too close to work…:thinking: )


@swilliasc111 are you sure you guys want to allow us in? :wink:

“Mandalay Bay is the fifth largest convention center in the U.S…”

I believe that Insights 2021 took up half of Mandalay Bay’s total convention space. Odds are that at least one of the other locations that can fit Insights are in Vegas but there should be a 3rd city that could do it.

Oracle’s conference is many times the size of Insights and they manage to host it.

Edit: So looking into it more the other issue is the capacity of the attached hotel. There is some event spaces in Chicago that could probably host Insights but no attached hotel or under 4500 rooms.

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That was a really neat trick @Banderson

Would love to be Montreal Qc.! :wink:
The Palais des Congrès has the capacity. But the difference is attendees would fill 10 hotels… not just one.
Think about the reduced cost of a Canadian event… :wink:

In my dreams I guess…

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Anyone know how I could download the presentations from my work computer? Unfortunately, the Kinetic Lab Book pdf doesn’t contain many of them… I suppose I could find and open each session in the Event.Mobi app, and then email it to myself from the phone, but there’s got to be a better way! :slight_smile:

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@askulte I went here. You have to logon with your Insight credentials.


Eventually Canada will let everyone in, I guess it depends if they want to be let in, no shirt, no shoes no service.

Glad I could hear an explanation about the conference, I would think Insights could be hosted in at least 5 places, but since it is an easy setup in both places, I guess I’ll have to put up with Country Music and Gambling :wink:

This year we had to put up with both. LOL