Insights 2019, Who's not going and wish they were :)

I have to say I am very sad…But I guess I get to see next GOT episode in the comfort of my own home…


We’ll bring you in via Skype or something @Hally LoL

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You Tube Live Feed! YEEEEEES!

Oh yeah how about new Patreon Tier for the E10 Insights 2019 Party non attendee contributors. :slight_smile:


Same here… :sob:

Winter is comming…

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We it sure is here South of the equator… Not quite bitter U.S. winters, but cold enough for us sunbathers.

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2nd year in a row I’ve missed due to implementations :frowning_face:

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Actually, our winter does not want to leave us…
Got yesterday frozen rain …250000 without electricity… super windy (reason for no elect. ) .plus 4 inchs of snow…

arrgggghhhh almost all the snow was gone before it hit us!!! So much that some had replaced their winter tires !!! bad mistake…:roll_eyes:


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Welcome to the “You can’t go because we are implementing” Team :wink:

<— Raises Hand

:raising_hand_man: :frowning_face:

Is this followed up by

“Why didn’t you know about … [ insert new topic that was discussed at Insights ] …???”


I think the more important discussion is should their be an Insights GOT viewing party.


You know that Keynote Stage has some nice projectors and they wno’t be in use at the time of the GOT… just saying.


Haha… If anyone has the guts to ask…

you guys might be lucky if the Golden Knights (NHL playoffs) are not playing that night…and ask the bar owner to put GOT on the giant screens !!! That would be awsome…:wink:

but Jose’s suggestion would have a better chance I think…


Golden Knights home game at 7:00 PM (Vegas Time).

That’s 10 EDT (my time), and GoT starts 9:00 EDT. So it should be over in time to show VGK’s opening ceremonies.


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I’m like Jon Snow.


What’s this Insights event everyone keeps mentioning? :roll_eyes: During Insights the forums become like the movie I AM LEGEND where its just me and Fred.



…and Simon and Calvin… :slight_smile:

Challenge for attendees… Keep us poor unfortunates updated!..Please :slight_smile:


Just in case you need a reason to go:

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I am in the not going to Insights camp :frowning: Hope to get there one day…

Actually I am going camping through :slight_smile:


For the last 10 years, every year I get pressured by our CAM to go to Insights. For the independent consultants out there that would be an entire week of work without pay, plus the travel expenses. Even if your company pays, how is it actually worth all that money to your company? Not trying to be negative here, I am genuinely wondering, how do you all justify that Insights is actually worth all that money? I don’t see it.

I understand that we can make some contacts and learn a few things, but would you pay several thousand for someone’s name and phone number if you weren’t going? I don’t get it, I am curious to hear your opinions on this. My company could “afford” to send me, but I have zero way to feel convinced that it’s worth the cost. I’m not saying that there’s no value in attending Insights, what I am saying that the value:cost ratio is wildly skewed outside my favor.

What are your thoughts?