Invalid username or password

As of Thursday night, MRP and Scheduling both refuse to run to completion. They start fine, but as soon as they reach the sub-process phase they error out.


This occurs on MRP, Calculate Global Scheduling Order and on Global Scheduling. Po Suggestions, etc, work fine.

No, the password wasn’t changed. I wish it were that simple. The same error occurs whether ran on Test or Live. Any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions as to what to look into?

I’m assuming the scheduled task to run MRP and Scheduling was created some time ago? Possibly with an account that has an expiry date on it and now it is past the expiry date. There are few posts here that already mention this. Although it may not apply tot 10.1.500. I can’t recall if expiry dates on accounts existed for that version.

I hope that helps

The other option you have is to reschedule the task with an known account that works (deleting the original task from Sysagent tasks after creating the new one).

This applies to not only scheduled but also if I try to run it right now with my current account. Also applies if anyone else tries to run it. It starts fine but when it goes to the subprocesses is when the error occurs.

Out of curiosity, does printing work? (I’m curious if it’s something with your task agent)

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Printing works.

I’m going to say login to epicare and do a bit of searching the the KB… for something like subprocess mrp invalid user.

Login to epicare then use this link$

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Thanks for those who responded and helped point me in the right direction. It appears that the issue was within the system agent maintenance within Epicor. After retyping the password there, MRP appears to be running appropriately now (at least it moved beyond where it was locking up before).

Thanks again for the help.