Inventory Transaction Types List Store

With how important and how much it is used and referenced throughout Epicor, and how extensive the list is I am surprised that the Inventory Transaction Type List is not stored somewhere in Epicor… at least I can’t find it.
What is interesting is that some reports let you select from a list of Transaction Type list and that list is the actual Transaction Type value and others (like Provision Format) the list are Descriptions. Is all of this seriously hard coded everywhere?
Isn’t there a GetList or something?

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Try TranTypeSearch.GetList

TranTypeSearch.GetList does not include a description:

Not sure where that list is coming from, but I suspect it’s not in the DB but it’s just a BO with all the hardcoded TranTypes.

I tried StockProvisionFormat.GetTranTypeList which gets me both the TranType Code & Description:

But again, no idea where the list is coming from.

Both of these actually pull different data sets… for different purposes.
What I need to do is to display the list of Transaction Types & their description for a given StockProvisionFormat Code in a Dashboard… not sure how to get there.
The end users would really like to have the descriptions as well as the Code so they can better understand what each code means.

Rick, I have these in excel. I can share later.
Maybe add them to a User Code?

Thanks @bderuvo I have the list, I was just hoping there was a way to query the list dynamically so it’s always correct in the future. User Codes was my plan if nothing else worked out… Looks like that’s where I am.

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