Is there a business object that will give me the value of PartBin.AllocatedQty?

Erp.BO.PartBinSearch, right? It’s right there!


Nope. It comes up zero, even for parts with a nonzero value in PartBin.AllocatedQty

That business object is actually missing a lot of the fields from the PartBin database table. But AllocatedQty happens to be all I care about today.


Do you have Lot or Serial numbers involved? Try the PartPlant table.

I use the PartAlloc table in BAQs to retrieve allocatedqty. I have not tried to retrieve from a BO to get the allocations.

You’re both referencing database tables and not business objects, right?

If so, fair point that I could do a BAQ and then go the long way to get a BO to extract it from a BAQ.

But I was just curious if there was an existing BO for PartBin.AllocatedQty (meaning the allocated qty for a single part and bin).

Or moral support if anyone else has also tried and failed.

I’m not aware of where this quantity can be seen inside the application but…
If you know where is such place, go there and just before loading data turn on trace log. It should give you an idea which BO and method is used to retrieve data that contains your value. In some rare situations you may not see everything in trace logs. Then you should check server logs to find it. I hope that helps.

Have you traced the Fulfillment Workbench yet?

No, this is the peak of laziness, but I’ll just live without it.

Out of 7,648 rows of PartBin in the applicable warehouse, there are 2 with allocations. That’s 1/40th of 1% . (Other warehouses do allocate, but this project is not for them.)

I’ll just do the math on the OH qty and be done with it. 99.97% accuracy is just fine.