MES module (time out a user's session)

Is it possible in 9.05.701 to time out a user’s account? We have people that clock in & log in to a job on the MES stations, however, at times they forget to log out and the next person comes along and records qty against whatever job the previous user had open.
We would like to time out the user’s session after x number of minutes.
Thanks for any suggestions.

A timer to log people out would be kind of hairy to pull of well. Sometimes code can’t fix a training issue.


If your users connect their MES sessions through a Remote Desktop Services server, you can adjust their session parameters. Otherwise, I don’t know of a way to cause Epicor to do this.

The image below is an example of my handheld users. Note that I don’t have timeout restrictions in place, but it is a possibility.

  • Andrew

Thanks Andrew, I will pass this on.
It’s worth a try.