Issues with custom Called Process Reference not applying

I made a customization to the Engineering Workbench to add some grid fields, made a new menu item pointing to the customization and then, according to the instructions in EpicorCustomization_UserGuide_102300.pdf page 713, I added a custom Called Process Reference. From the menu the customization opens correctly, but from Part Entry > Actions > Revision > Engineering Workbench, the Base process is called without customization. I tried restarting the application clearing the client cache, and restarting again with no effect. Is there something else I need to do after creating a Called Process Reference?

UD Menu:

Called Process Reference:

Process call from Part Entry > Actions > Revision > Engineering Workbench

In Called Process Reference, try changing the Called Process Reference field to SEGO6000. I’ve noticed that sometimes I need to reference the menu item that’s being called to make it stick.

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No luck. With the Menu ID field changed to SEGO6000, Engineering Workbench opens with the base form (as expected), but after changing it back to ENGWBQ01 it still opens with the base form (instead of with ENGWBQ01 as desired).

I mean the first field. This example opens the Inventory Movement screen from MES, but it’s keyed on the menu ID rather than the process name.

Also, you should be able to change the customization that’s loaded up directly in Menu Maintenance for the SEGO6000 menu item.

The customization works with menu maintenance, but menu maintenance doesn’t allow changing the process called by the actions menu as shown below:


Now I understand what you meant. Unfortunately that also had no effect.

Got it. I had called Erp.UI.EngWorkBenchEntry.dll, but the proper call drops the file extension so it should have just been Erp.UI.EngWorkBenchEntry.