Job Operation Scheduling question

We are setting up a new company in Epicor, whose jobs consist of operations that some are sequential, but some can be done simultaneously. How would these simultaneous operations be setup in Epicor? I am working on getting my head around the Operation scheduling process, but have not yet seen the solution to setting operations up this way.

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Paul - in all honesty, you should really get some Epicor education and/or consulting help with this. I can recommend quite a few guys to help you with this, just let me know.

Scheduling has sooooooooo many options. Get a hold of the the Scheduling Technical Reference - start there. Learn what it has to office and you will be much further along with your question. We could give you a simple answer here, but ti would still be dependant on quite a few things in the overall setup of resource groups, resources, operations, etc. all the way down to the company calendar.



Select Start to Start under the scheduling option on the operation. This will schedule the operation to start at the same time add the previous operation.