Job Pick List: Show sub-assy inventory


We have a job with a few sub-assemblies that are marked as “Pull as Assembly”.
We are only able to ship this product in packs of 5 and, due to the yield of the job, we may have 1 to 4 of a particular sub-assembly that we will receive back to stock to be issued to a later job and then we will manufacture the remaining assembly quantities.

As I see it, the Job Pick List does not show the inventory for sub-assemblies. Before I go down the path of modifying the report so that it does show the inventory for sub-assemblies, am I missing something or is there a different report that I can print to show the on hand quantities for both materials and sub-assemblies for a job?

I may not have enough information here, but it appears to me that you may be using the wrong configuration and/or process to get the outcome you desire.

If you must ship in packs of 5, Pull as Assembly may not be the right option; using Plan as Assembly instead may be a better option for you. This would mean sending assemblies to stock, and then pulling assemblies from stock to assemble your pack of 5 (or issuing from job to job). This should put the assemblies on the Job Pick List, as well as leaving any extra sub-assemblies in stock. Another interesting option if you go this route is the Auto Consume Stock checkbox.

To see if this may be a better option, ask the following questions:

  1. How prone to scrap are the sub-assemblies?
  2. How prone to scrap is the parent part?
  3. Do I want to produce the sub-assemblies in different quantities from the parent?

Thanks for the reply Jim.

Reading how Plan as Assembly works in the help file, it might not help us just yet as we haven’t implement the MRP module.

The top level part number represents a packaged 5-pack of the sub-assembly part number. If the custom wants 10 5-packs, then we cut a job for 10, which includes the building of 50 sub-assemblies. Yield is varying, due to scrap, so if we were to complete sub-assemblies not in a factor of 5, than the “odd” quantity is to be received to stock. We would ship the completed 5-packs and then issue those stocked sub-assemblies to the next job.
So if we moved 4 sub-assemblies to stock, and create a new job for another 10 5-packs, we would want to issue the 4 completed sub-assemblies from the previous job and issue the materials to create the remaining 46 sub-assemblies.

This process will work for us, but we are just trying to find a way to let the person doing the kitting that they there are completed sub-assemblies that should be issued to the new job. Right now, we use the job pick list to communicate to the kitters so it seemed like a good spot to include it. I just wanted to make sure that I’m not missing something.

I decided to modify the job pick list by adding PartBin linked to JobAssmbl, which seems to work. We are reviewing it now but I’m still open to another feedback.

Especially once you move to MRP you might find the Scrap feature on the operation useful. It may be useful in your current parent/assembly setup. This is a quantity or percentage of scrap that you would expect to result, and will result in a higher job quantity, at least with MRP. So if you have a requirement for 50 and an expectation of 10% scrap on one operation, the job will be for 55 to try to hit 50 by the end of the job.

One way this might work:

  1. Have a job for 10 sets of 5, which creates a requirement of 50.
  2. Have a job for 55 to satisfy the 50 (with 10% scrap). Perhaps create or modify the job with the following:
    a. A demand record for 50 to go to the first job (job-to-job demand link)
    b. A demand record for 5 to go to stock (job-to-stock demand link). This is for your extras, and this should be the one reduced when scrap is produced.
  3. Check Auto Consume on the assembly so that MRP will create the first job fulfilled from stock if there are enough to do so.
  4. The demand links could also be put on custom reports to communicate where it should go or come from. Some of it may be on some of the default reports, but as we’ve never used job-to-job links I don’t know.

Also, have you thought about using UOM with multiple inventory UOM’s to do this instead of having a separate parent part? I suppose it depends on whether you want the separate part number or not; either way has a different result. I don’t know if the feature works correctly in 700C, but perhaps it does by your version.